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Water Pebble that can monitor your water usage

by badgeuser2 ‎05-09-2017 02:20 AM

Water Pebble that can monitor your water usage Here is a way to make the world a greener place: It’s easy even for the most environmentally conscious among us to forget ourselves a little bit when we’re relaxing under a steady stream of hot, soothing water. But water tends to come gushing out of showerheads so fast, it’s easy to lose track of just how much we’ve used.

by badgeuser1
‎05-09-2017 02:44 AM
If you had a Waterpebble, however, it would be as simple as looking down at the ground. This weird little gadget monitors the amount of water that reaches the drain as you’re showering and displays either a green, yellow or red light. But that’s not all it does – it’s a shower miser, automatically reducing your shower time every day.